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2015   Arbois Poulsard Vieille Vignes, GV: Poulsard; A: 18 months in foudre

2011    Arbois Trousseau, GV: Trousseau; A: 15-20 months in foudre

2016   Arbois Blanc “Nature”, Savagnin “Ouille”, GV: Savagnin; A: 12 months in old French oak

2014   Cotes du Jura Blanc, GV: Chardonnay; A: 12 months in French oak

2010   Arbois Vin Jaune 620 ml,  GV: Savagnin A: 6 years in old French oak, on fine lees (voal)


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This estate spreads across the best sites in AOC Arbois, Côtes du Jura and l’Etoile, where the traditional varieties Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir, find their best expression.
Sustainable farming, manual harvesting, prolonged aging in specific type of oak, all contribute to the unique character of the wines.

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 35 % - Savagnin 26 % - Poulsard 17 % - Trousseau 11% - Pinot noir 11 %

Production: 320.000 bottles.

Ageing: All the white wines are aged for minimum one year, in old wooden barrels, which do not impart any oak flavours. The reds undergo 1.5 year long maturation in foudre. The wines are held back for minimum of 2 years before being released for sale. Chateau Montigny de Arsures with it’s ideal, humid conditions, serves as the cellar for our Vin Jaune, which requires minimum six years of graduate evolution. During this time the film of fine yeast (voile), usually occurs spontaneously.


This family farm was traditionally dedicated to mixed farming with livestock, small fruits and grapes which were taken to the local cooperative. From 1985 onwards, the estate changed over exclusively to viticulture. It was then, that Jean-Bernard Larrieu initiated Clos Lapeyre taking control over: farming his vines, fermenting his grapes, ageing the wines, bottling and selling them. He follows a biodynamic approach throughout his 17 hectare estate.


2017   Sec Lapeyre Sec, GV: Gros Manseng 

2017   Moelleux Lapeyre GV: Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng 

2013   Sec Vitatge Vielh de LLapeyre Sec, GV: Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng, Courbu


If you are a professional in the wine industry you can enquire about products and prices here

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