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From Chile, Roberto Henriquez


We are very excited adding to our portfolio the first winery from across the deep water! Roberto Henriquez belongs to the young generation of vine growers in Chile. After graduating from agronomy and enology at the University of Concepcion, he travelled to France (Loire), South Africa and Canada, gaining experience and broadening his winemaking horizons. Upon his return to Chile, Roberto started his personal project in the southern regions of Bío Bío and Itata – a birthplace of Chilean wine, where the vine cuttings of Listan Prieto (Pais/ Mission/ Criola Chica) were first introduced by the Spaniards upon their arrival in 15th century. For decades in the shadow of the more prosperous Northern regions, this cradle of Chilean viticulture, remained faithful to the traditions of the past and in recent years is becoming a hub for the artisan winemaking ventures. A humble Pais (Listan Prieto) grape which is nowhere to be found in Europe (except for phylloxera free Tenerife), is at the very heart of this revival.

Roberto works in the most traditional way, making pure and expressive wines in true Chilean context. He cultivates 3 hectares of 150-200 years old Pais vines to the south of the Bio-Bio river, near Nacimento. The soils in the area are mostly granitic, partially alluvial with proportion of clay and sand. Biodynamically farmed grapes are foot trodden and whole cluster fermented in open top, wooden lagares (locally called rauli). The wine is aged in pipas – large, old barrels which lend the name (pipeño) to both: method of production and to the rustic, yet extremely elegant style of wine.

The grapes for his characterful white come from the head pruned, old vine plots of Corinto (Chasselas), Muscat of Alexandria and Semillon in the southern, coastal part of Itata, where red granite soil predominates. The juice is fermented with natural yeast and the wine remains in contact with the skins for approximately three months.


2017 Rivera del Notro White

GV: Corinto, Muscat of Alexandria, Semillon

Meet the author of THE NEW VIGNERONS; Luis Gutierrez in Dublin


On Tuesday, May 15th we will welcome in Dublin Luis Gutierrez of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. Vinostito has invited him, for a launch of the English edition of his most recent book: The New Vignerons, featuring the new generation of the Spanish wine growers.

In a relaxed atmosphere, Luis is going to tell us about some of the most interesting, contemporary winemaking projects, in various parts of Spain. In any case, it is also a chance to meet a man behind, otherwise anonymous “Parker Points” and most of all someone truly passionate about wine and food (not only Spanish).

We will be delighted if you could join us on Tuesday, May 15th in Cervantes Institute, between 12-2pm.

Please RSVP here


Wilson on Wine

Discover here our 11 selected wines 

John Wilson has featured some of our wines in 2018 edition of his bestselling book! Don’t wait till 2018. Try them this Christmas!”


Manzanilla Madura Callejuela


As Sortes 2015

Chateau Le Payral sec, 2016

UBE Miraflores 2016

Via Arxentea 2016

Clos Lapeyre Vitatge Vielh 2012

Pinot Gris Klasika 2014



La Maldicion 2015

Vermell 2014

Viña Bosconia 2005

Chateau Payral red 2015

We really look forward to presenting to you the wines of the two exceptional domains from the Southern Rhone Valley:

MONTIRIUS Vignoble Biodyamique

Christine and Eric Saurel are the fifth generation of winegrowers cultivating this beautiful 60 hectares domaine, located in the heart of the Vacqueyras AOC.

Their wines are marked by exceptional purity and freshness of the fruit, obtained from the bio-dynamically farmed vineyards. Thanks to this patient, holistic approach to viticulture, applied for over 20 years, the connection between all elements of this unique terroir is preserved and maintained. All Montirius wines are also special in that they are 100% matured in concrete vats without interior coating and in the bottle, enabling full expression of the fruit.



Vincent Rochet is a humble owner of this relatively small estate, spread across the three distinctive areas: Buisson, Visan and Chateuneuf-du-Pape. Since 2006 the domaine is 100% certified by Demeter and all the work in the vineyards and the winery is carried in accordance with the biodynamic approach. Always looking for balance, precision and finesse in his wines, this skilled vigneron firmly believes this can only be achieved when viticulture remains in harmony with the wider ecosystem.

This is a unique opportunity to taste the range of Vincent’s wines. At the Big Rhone tasting in Ely 9th of November, we will show his Cote du Rhone, Visan as well as 100% Grenache based Chateuneuf-du Pape produced from the tiny parcel of old vines neighbouring iconic Chateu Rayas.


Mark this date in your calendar: Thursday, 9th of November, The Big Rhone tasting at Ely CHQ

Rhone Wine Week

4th -11th of November 2017

Summer arrivals

Latest news

We have just send our July offers and some bin ends.

Preparing for the exciting new arrivals of the summer and autumn season.


From the South of Spain, DO Condado de Huelva, Bodegas Contreras Ruiz. White wines 100% Zalema.


The new still whites 100% Palomino Fino from Ramiro in San Lucar de Barrameda

From France in Bergerac Chateau Le Payral, with refreshing known and new varietals, certified biodynamic

From Italy Cantine Paolini in Sicily.

From the Czech Republic Milan Nestarec.  Pure style, working in biodynamic.


Looking forward to taste them with you.

Vinostito Portfolio 2017

Tasting Presentation

This 6th of March our clients have a very special appointment

Do not forget to rsvp by

email and of course do not forget

to bring your nose.

New Arrivals

Alvar de Dios, 4 Kilos

4 Kilos

Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca

Alvar de Dios

DO Toro

Upcoming events

October, month of wine in Dublin

Our next dates to taste our range of wines:


The spanish ones in the Wines from Spain Fair at the Shelbourne on the 4th of October.

And Spit festival is back this year on the 13th of October at Smock Alley Theatre

And your next tasting in your place when you need us. More info here 

Vinostito Tasting Presentation 2016

Celebrating 10 years around the world of wine

We will be presenting all our wines in Catalogue 2016 and some new arrivals.


Tasting 10.00 to 17.30 at Fallon&Byrne. 


Post party tasting, food, wine and friends tasting from 20.00 to 22.30, invitation needed!


Just for trade professionals, RSVP needed.  info@vinostito.com


Be there for us and we will be there!

We´re News

John Wilson has choosen two of our wines for its blog wilsononwine and for the Irish Times Magazine.

Vinos Tito will be part of the


Wednesday 10th February

11.00 am – 5.00 pm

The Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1.


Download here our brochure

Spit festival will be back next year

13th October 2016

We will do updates through twiter and the dedicated web 



Here more information about the 2015 edition.

Good news from Sierra de Gredos Wines

Great article that Financial Times does about the Sierra de Gredos area, mountain range in the centre of Spain, East of Madrid. Our producers Daniel Jimenez Landi, Bodega Maranones, Jimenez Landi, Comando G are mentioned and get great reviews from the critics.


Here the link 


We also show in this link the Robert Parker reviews for last vintages.




Last reviews to use as selling point for the retailers

Last reviews from critic Robert Parker can help to give information to your customers about these wines. Please click in link






Last news from Casa Castillo

We’ve been receiving fantastic feedback about the new vintages from renowned wine critics.  One such wine is Casa Castillo’s ‘Pie Franco’ 2013 with an amazing 97 points!


If you want to get the reviews from Robert Parker please click in link


Good news from Bodegas Ponce

Here we have the latest news about Bodegas Ponce wines; the new Parker results for last vintages:


Clos Lojen 2013     90 points

Depaula 2013     91 points

Ponce La Casilla 2013   91 points

Reto 2013    93 points

Buena Pinta 2013    93 points

Pino 2013  93 points


You can use it in your shop as an incentive for customers to buy their excellent wines.

We believe for this price you simply can’t go wrong with such an excellent quality of wine that utilises the Bobal and Monastrell grapes to their full potential.


Congratulations to Juan Antonio Ponce and all his family!!!


If you want to get the reviews from Robert Parker please click in link


Our wine fair presentation portfolio 2015

best value

We started the day very early, as they say “The early bird catches the worm”


The room started filling up, slowly yet steadily, this gave us some time to re-taste some of our own wines, just to make sure all was in order, it proved to be an invigorating experience!


We had 191 wines to taste and we were also delighted to have 8 producers in attendance. They made the trip over especially to demonstrate their excellent wines and we were so grateful to have them there and so were the guests!

There was William Wouters from Filipa Pato, Joao Meneres from Quinta do Romeu, Claus Preisinger from Claus Preisinger, Olivier Riviere from Olivier Riviere, German Blanco from Quinta de Milu & Altos de San Esteban, David Bustos from Emilio Valerio, Raul Perez from Raul Perez and last but not at all least Ramon Parera from Celler Pardas.  

Huge thanks to all our customers and indeed the lucky ones that had time to visit us and taste the wines. We are very lucky and grateful to have their support to be able to do these events!!!!



Click here to see about the producers who visited us last 2nd.