Portfolio Tasting 2015


We started the day very early, as they say “The early bird catches the worm”

The room started filling up, slowly yet steadily, this gave us some time to re-taste some of our own wines, just to make sure all was in order, it proved to be an invigorating experience!

We had 191 wines to taste and we were also delighted to have 8 producers in attendance. They made the trip over especially to demonstrate their excellent wines and we were so grateful to have them there and so were the guests!

There was William Wouters from Filipa Pato, Joao Meneres from Quinta do Romeu, Claus Preisinger from Claus Preisinger, Olivier Riviere from Olivier Riviere, German Blanco from Quinta de Milu & Altos de San Esteban, David Bustos from Emilio Valerio, Raul Perez from Raul Perez and last but not at all least Ramon Parera from Celler Pardas.

Huge thanks to all our customers and indeed the lucky ones that had time to visit us and taste the wines. We are very lucky and grateful to have their support to be able to do these events!!!!

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