Guimaro, DO Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra is regarded as the most spectacular, yet still largely unexplored DO in the North-Eastern Spain. Just as the neighbouring Bierzo and Valdeorras, the recognition this area received in recent years, was only possible thanks to the determination and courage of a handful of young winemakers. Among them Pedro Rodriguez of Guimaro stands out with the range of his unique, divinely scented wines. They combine the intensity of old vine Godello and Mencia fruit, with the extraordinary freshness and finesse, derived from the high altitude, Atlantic influenced vineyards. We have been following closely his progress in recent years and are very happy to finally present his superb wines to you!

2016 Guimaro Joven Blanco

GV: Godello

2016 Guimaro Joven Tinto

GV: Mencia

2016 Guimaro Cepas Viejas

GV: old vine Godello

2015 Guimaro Finca Meixeman

GV: old vine Mencia (1.2 ha single plot)

2015 Guimaro Finca Capelinos

GV: old vine Mencia (0.6 ha single plot)

2015 Guimaro Finca Pombeiras

GV: old vine Mencia (0.45 ha single plot)


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