Adega Viuva Gomez, DO Colares

Possibly one of the biggest treasures of the wine world, which (in truly Portuguese manner) has been kept in depths of a timeless adega (cellar) for many decades of the 20th century! Although there is only about 25 hectares of it left, Ramisco de Colares remains as the only vinifera vine which has never been grafted. The wines it produces are austere when young, but after patient cellaring reveal complex spectrum of aromas and flavours, while retaining their vibrant acidity over many decades. The whites made of local Malvasia de Colares, are approachable much earlier.

The vineyards of Colares are located north-west of Lisbon, on the narrow, sandy strip of land nearly touching on the Atlantic Ocean. This distinct location along with the original methods of vine training, make them almost equally.

2014 Viuva Gomes, Colares Branco, 500ml

GV: 100% Malvasia de Colares

2008 Viuva Gomes, Colares Tinto, 500ml

GV: 100% Ramisco

1969 Colares, Reserva Tinto, 650ml

GV: 100% Ramisco

1934 Colares Tinto, 650 ml

GV: 100% Ramisco


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