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Vinostito is an Irish company that distributes the finest wines from around Europe to the Irish market.

We have a deep passion for the world of wine.  We both enjoy and endeavour to discover new wineries and regions to find the qualities that a good producer in full control of his vines and his wine can bring to your glass.

Our world revolves around wine and from here we have found a fabulous universe of people enjoying what they do!

So if you are in the restaurant, hospitality or off-licence trade and you are interested in accessing our selection of wines we are ready to share them with you.

antonio vinostito team

Antonio Lorente

Founder and in charge of:

Hello I am Antonio Lorente.  A few years ago I got on my motorbike to find customers for a small selection of wines.  On the way I found in Rafael Salazar a business partner with an amazing passion for the world around the wines.  

I love to create opportunities to make our selection discoverable to the customers and make sure you are happy with the service you get from Vinostito.  We know the pressures the market can create in your business so for me it’s all about offering you the best quality and service.


Please contact me at the below email:



rafa vinostito team

Rafael Salazar

Cofounder and  in charge of:

In 2001, after being in Ireland over a year and realizing that I could be here longer that I thought, I decided to work on something that I feel passionate about. First was wine retail, and after I met Antonio (with several late night tastings!) and seeing how many exciting new regions, grapes varieties, winemakers, etc… were appearing in Spain, we decided to start our search…..A few years later we noticed that there are wines in other countries! And Austria, Portugal, Italy and France started to call on us…..and so the search continues….. 


To contact me here you have my e-mail: